Course Format

Students will complete and submit a Distance Education Course Schedule Form to Destiny School of Theology, which will be forwarded to CLST Global.

Each month CLST Global will ship out course materials by the 26th.

Students will pick up course materials at the office of Destiny School of Theology.

Students will have approximately one month to complete course requirements which include: reading the textbook, watching 10 hours of video instruction, taking notes in the syllabus, and completing the multiple choice, true/false examination.

Students will return exams and score sheets to the DST office, by the prescribed date.

DST will forward students’ exams to CLST Global for grading.

CLST Global will send test results to DST, which DST will then forward to students.

Example Cycle of a Class

Class                                 Date              Activity

August Class                  July 23        Registration deadline for August class
August Class                  July 26*      CLST Global ships out August class materials
August Class                  Aug 5-10*  DST receives class materials; students pick up at DST office
September Class         Aug 23         Registration deadline for September class
September Class         Aug 26*       CLST Global ships out September class materials
August Class                  Sep 13*       August exam due; student delivers exam to DST office & picks up next class materials.
August Class                   Sep 14*      DST prepares exam packet and mails to CLST Global
September Class          Sep 14 *     Student begins reading and preparing for the next class

* Dates are approximate

Typically DST functions on 10 classes per year, with a break in July and December. Students may schedule according to their pace and budget.