General Info

Destiny School of Theology is a member of Christian Life Educator’s Network (CLEN).

What is CLEN?

CLEN is a network of locally owned and operated Christian higher education centers. The mission of CLEN is to equip and empower local churches and Christian leaders worldwide by providing quality, cutting-edge Christian education and ministry training. In partnership with the Christian Life School of Theology Global (CLST Global) they have become a leader in Church based theological and leadership education.

What is CLST Global?

CLST Global is a provider of educational resources and services to members of CLEN. Each individual school campus is independently owned and operated by the base church or ministry of which it is a part. CLST Global provides customized solutions to meet the unique education needs of its CLEN members.


Birthed in the heart of Dr. Ronald E. Cottle was the idea of an educational institution that could bring faculty, curriculum, and excellent teaching principles into the local church, which he launched in 1983.

By 1986 CLST had grown to 12 campuses, with 9 faculty members and an enrollment of nearly six hundred students. By the end of 2000, CLST had grown to over 24, 000 graded students in approximately 400 campuses worldwide, with a presence in 20 nations.

CLST Global has grown to become the premier church-based higher education training and equipping ministry in the world.

After several years of searching for the right bible school curriculum and format, the leadership of Destiny Christian Church chose to join CLEN and formed Destiny School of Theology. As a member of CLEN, Destiny School of Theology has access to a world premier church based theological training and education program as well as services provided through CLST Global.

In April 2004, the DST campus opened its doors to its first class, “The Anointing: Its Nature and How to Receive It”, by Dr. Ronald E. Cottle.

Now in its 11th year, DST has transitioned to a Distance Education Program, enabling students to complete their classes at home, at their own pace, and schedule classes according to their interests and goals.

Although official records are maintained in Columbus, Georgia, Destiny School of Theology is responsible for recruiting, course scheduling, maintaining a copy of student records, and responding to student inquiries regarding grades, credits, status toward gradation, etc.


Destiny School of Theology is a Distance Education Center providing a flexible, comprehensive quality education designed to prepare Christian workers who are not in a position to leave their employment or move in order to study on a campus.

Students have the opportunity to choose their own course of study, thereby personalizing their studies according to their interests and goals. Students may choose to take classes monthly, bi-monthly, and so forth, according to their own schedule and budget.