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The Christian Life School of Theology Global (CLST Global) certificates, diplomas and degrees listed below are available to CLST Global Distance Education students. Christian Life School of Theology Global has met the requirements for exemption from applicable Georgia law as a religious institution under the provision of the Post-secondary Educational Authorization Act, Georgia Code 20-3-100 et seq. As a result, CLST Global awards the following degrees.

Program                                        Designation    Completed Units   GPA Required

Certificates of Ministry        Various               15 Units                      2.0
Diploma of Theology             Dip.Th.                 30 Units                      2.0
Associate of Theology           A.Th.                     60 Units                      2.0
Bachelor of Theology            B.Th.                     126 Units                    2.0
Master of Theology               M.Th.                    171 Units                     3.0
Master of Sacred Studies   M.S.S.                   216 Units                    3.0
Doctor of Sacred Studies   D.S.S.                    261 Units                    3.0
Doctor of Theology               D.Th.                     300 Units                    3.0

All certificates, diplomas and degrees are earned by taking courses and accumulating completion units. Successful completion of one course earns three completion units.

Students must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 (C) or higher in order to receive a Certificate, the Diploma of Theology, the Associate of Theology, or the Bachelor of Theology.

Students must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or higher in order to receive the Master of Theology, the Master of Sacred Studies, the Doctor of Theology, or the Doctor of Sacred Studies.

As for program content, students are required to successfully complete at least one course from each of the six divisions of study for each degree earned from the Bachelor of Theology through Doctor of Sacred Studies degrees. This requirement does not apply to Certificates, the Diploma of Theology, or the Associate of Theology.


The objective questions are worth one point each (for a 100-question exam) or two points each (for a 50-question exam) for a total of one hundred points.

Letter grades as well as numerical grades are issued to students completing course requirements. Letter grades only are posted to official records. Letter grades are used to compute grade point averages. Grades and grade points are based on the following official grading scale.

Numerical Grade      Letter Grade                              Grade Point

90-100                              A                                                        4.0
80-89                                B                                                        3.0
70-79                                C                                                         2.0
60-69                                D                                                        1.0
0-59                                   F                                                         0.0
0                                           I (Incomplete)                              0.0
Not Applicable            WP (Withdraw Passing)        Not Applicable
0                                          WF (Withdraw Failing)           0.0


A specific grade point average (GPA) must be maintained to earn a degree from CLST Global. Grade point averages are computed by adding the grade points for each grade and dividing the result by the total number of courses taken.


Course Prefix       Division

BT                               Biblical Theology
CC                               Christian Counseling
HT                              Historical Theology
NT                              New Testament
OT                              Old Testament
PT                              Practical Theology