Core Courses

The following 40 courses represent the “Core Courses” recommended by Destiny Christian Church and Destiny Apostolic Ministries for a proper Christian foundation for ministry.


  • BIBT105 BACK TO BASICS by Judson Cornwall.  A primer for understanding the Bible doctrines that shape Christian living. The basics of the Scriptures, salvation, Christian culture, the Holy Spirit, Christian ceremony, faith, worship, healing, our enemy, righteousness, peace, joy, prayer, giving, ministry, Heaven and Hell.
  • BINT510 PETER: THE MAN AND HIS MINISTRY by Dr. Ian Bond. This is Part One of a two-part course that will examine and synthesize the Gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark and Luke. The three Gospel accounts will be examined individually and in relation to each other. Finally, the student will examine the commonalities and distinctions between the Synoptic Gospels and the Fourth Gospel.
  • BICC560 GODLY COMMUNICATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE by Michael Sedler.  Effective daily communication patterns. Emphasizes communication between family members, friends, colleagues, supervisors, and church members. Strategies to avoid peer pressure, how to “ask questions” without questioning, how to present our viewpoint without creating a defensive atmosphere, and more.
  • BIOT250 TRAINING FOR REIGNING I by Ronald E. Cottle.  Principles of leadership and training based upon the calling, training, and rule of David. Special emphasis is placed upon David’s life and the classrooms of preparation through which he walked. Also studied are David’s call, his anointing, his character, and his faithfulness to God.
  • BIPT563 THE CONFIDENCE FACTOR by Keith Johnson. Explores, explains and demonstrates the many factors that contribute to an individual’s confidence level. Discusses the factors that help build or destroy confidence factors.
  • BIHT445 HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY I by Stephen Mansfield.  Traces the origin and growth of Christianity in America beginning in fifteenth century Europe and concluding with the Revolutionary War. More than dates and dead people, history is the result of God’s rule over the affairs of men and nations.
  • BIPT550 HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE by Dwayne Lusk.  Proven methods to study the Word of God. Emphasis on preparation for study, tools for study, hermeneutics, and methods of biblical study. Designed to enrich one’s personal study habits.
  • BIN225 THE BOOK OF HEBREWS by Dr. Ian Bond. This course looks at the historical context of the Book of Hebrews; it explores the overwhelming superiority of Christ; it applies to our own lives insights and principles taught in Hebrews.
  • BIPT542 THEOLOGY OF BIBLICAL FREEDOM by Michael Sedler. The foundations of biblical freedom. What does freedom mean for a Christian? Barriers to freedom. Develop a personal plan for walking in freedom throughout our lives.
  • BIPT415 NEW STRATEGIES FOR EVANGELISM by Gerald Johnson.  A biblical study on how to speak the truth in love. Special emphasis includes: the basic New Testament principles of communicating Christ to the lost world, and “the engaging of the Culture” with a coherent gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit.


  • BIBT108 THEOLOGY: NATURE, ESSENCE, ATTRIBUTES OF GOD by Mike Chapman.  This course will explore the Christian doctrine of God. Emphasis will be placed on an apology for God’s existence, the biblical description of His nature and divine essence. The divine Trinity will be discussed as well as the biblical names of God and the unique works of God as outlined for us in Scripture
  • BINT211 ROMANS I by Ronald E. Cottle.  This course is a study of Romans 1-3. The English text is used with insights from the Greek. Emphasis is placed upon the power of the Gospel, faith, the wrath of God and righteousness.
  • BIPT136 LEADERS UNDER CONSTRUCTION by Mark Allen. This course covers the many facets of ministry and leadership in today’s church. Topics include team ministry, discipline and restoration, promotion in the kingdom, reproducing leadership, the nature of leadership, the leader’s preparation and the call of leadership.
  • BICC520 RESOLVING CONFLICT AND ANGER GOD’S WAY by William Grayill.  It is the goal of this course to equip Christians to handle conflict in a constructive rather than destructive manner. This course will attempt to lay a biblical foundation for conflict management along with giving the skills necessary to accomplish that management. Conflict is unavoidable; however, we often avoid handling the conflict due to fear, lack of skill, and a lack of understanding of the Word of God. It is the hope of this author that this course will alleviate the fear, give the skills and help each person see the mandate of scripture to manage conflict.
  • BIO414 THE BOOK OF NEHEMIAH by Dr. Ronald E. Cottle. This course consists of selected studies from the book of Nehemiah, especially the first four chapters. Special emphasis include the history of Nehemiah, spiritual principles of restoration, principles of church order and ministry and how to apply these abiding principles to our lives today.
  • BIHT622 HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY II by Stephen Mansfield.  This course introduces and explains the origin and growth of Christianity in America beginning with the American Revolution and ending with the 1980s. Emphasis is placed upon significant events and times as viewed from a biblical and Christian perspective.
  • BIBT520 THE BELIEVER’S AUTHORITY by Randall Clark.  This course examines the unseen forces at work in the world. Particular emphasis is given to the origin of Satan, his motivation for attacking God’s creation, and Jesus’ victory which gives believers authority over Satan. The origin, powers and limitations of demons are also explained.
  • BIBT726 BIBLICAL THEOLOGY OF THE KINGDOM by James Hodges.  This is a study of the Kingdom of God and its relationship to the church and its mission in today’s world. Topics include defining the Kingdom of God, the relationship between the Kingdom and the church, entering the Kingdom, extending the Kingdom and locating the Kingdom.
  • BINT422 ROMANS PART II by Ronald E. Cottle.  This course is an exegetical study of Romans 5-8. The English text is used with insights from the Greek. Emphasis includes the new life of the believer, righteousness by faith, justification and the law of sin and death.
  • BIOT620 FEASTS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT by Dr. Grady McMurtry. This course is a study of Jewish Holy Days and Feasts. The student will gain a greater appreciation of the Jewish calendar. Jewish catechism and God’s plan for man and how we are to approach his presence. Emphasis is placed on the messianic significance of the Feast of Israel.


  • BIOT450 TRAINING FOR REIGNING II by Ronald E. Cottle.  A continuation of BIOT250. This course covers David’s life and reign as King of Judah and Israel. Special emphasis on people and events that shaped David’s reign.
  • BICC960 JOURNEY TOWARD WHOLENESS by Don Crossland.  A spiritual and emotional growth model with an emphasis on restoration. Topics include replacing false belief systems with truth, replacing wrong relationships with healthy ones, replacing immature human response with God’s wisdom.
  • BIBT555 A THEOLOGY OF JOY by Dr. Judson Cornwall. This course of study will explore the Bible theology of joy in three specific areas: The Source of Joy, The Characteristics of Joy, and the Expression of Joy. If joy isn’t biblical, we had better side-step it as a worldly temptation to sin. If, on the other hand, it is biblical, we should embrace it fully as a divine gift.
  • BIPT589 THEOLOGY OF SERVING by David Baldwin.  A strategy for believer ministry development in the local church. Explores service from several perspectives: law of service, service revolution in America, ten biblical concepts, servant leadership, the heart of a healthy church, and “The New Reformation.” Every member is a minister and the fivefold ministry are equippers and trainers.
  • BINT124 THE BOOK OF GALATIANS by Ronald E. Cottle.  This course is an exegetical study of Galatians. The English text is used with insights from the Greek. Special emphases include law vs. grace, defining the apostle, flesh vs. spirit; and sowing and reaping.
  • BIPT675 CULTIVATING KINGDOM CHAMPIONS by David Baldwin.  Basic ministry and management skills. A spiritual tool for mentoring future champions. Students will learn the characteristics, attitudes, mindset, core competencies, and positive practices of champions serving in God’s Kingdom.
  • BIPT221 MYSTIQUE OF HUMAN LEADERSHIP by James Beall.  A study of church leadership with emphasis upon principles, styles, and theories. Topics include the idea of progress, eight important characteristics of the leader, how leadership callings are made known, mentoring, and self-esteem.
  • BIPT341 THE CRUCIFIED LIFE by Sam Drye.  A study of scriptural self-denial. It helps the student to gain a greater understanding of the centrality of the cross, and identification with the death of Christ as the means to a victorious life.
  • BICC530 STRESS MANAGEMENT by Richard Ronsisville. This course is designed to provide an overview of how to minimize the effects of stress in the life of ministry leaders, ministry teams, and lay people. Emphasis is given to a biblical understanding of stress and to well researched strategies of stress management, including relaxation, cognitive restructuring, stress reducing lifestyle choices and change. This course is highly interactive and includes lecture as well as hands-on practice with new stress management techniques.
  • BIHT700 JEWISH BACKGROUND OF THE NEW TESTAMENT by Ronald E. Cottle.  This course deals with the Hebrew-Jewish world into which the Gospel, the Church and the Scriptures came. Influences of the political, religious and social developments of various groups during the first century upon the New Testament are emphasized.


  • BICC150 INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL COUNSELING by Mike Chapman.  This course examines the biblical principles of human personality and how personal change occurs. Special focus is placed on the church as God’s healing institution, the unique features of Christian counseling and the development of a biblical approach to counseling.
  • BIPT235 BIBLICAL UNDERSTANDING OF LEADERSHIP by Ray Shakelford.  This course examines the exercise of leadership in an organizational setting. It is designed to supply solid theological and philosophical perspectives on the rudiments of leading people. This course focuses on the definition of Christian (and secular) leadership; the things leaders do; vision; character; power; self-insight for leaders; contextual analysis; organizational culture; and conflict management.
  • BI0T645 THE ANOINTING: IT’S NATURE AND HOW TO RECEIVE IT by Ronald E. Cottle.  This course centers on the Old Testament characters of Elijah and Elisha. It is intended to help students to recognize and experience their own anointing. Topics include the three winds of God, the nature of the anointing, birthing a new move of God, phases of development, the crown prince, the double portion anointing and steps into the anointing.
  • BIBT860 THE FATHER LOVES YOU by Dr. Gary Stewart. This course is designed to increase one’s understanding of Father God’s love for his children. Objectives include showing how Jesus came to make the Father known, understanding how to return the Father’s love to Him, and receiving a sense of security, direction, and destiny because of the Father’s love.
  • BINT313 THE BOOK OF EPHESIANS by James Ferguson. This course is a verse by verse exegetical study of Paul’s epistle to the church at Ephesus. Emphasis includes definitions of important words and phrases, important insights into truths that are implied and expressed and practical suggestions as to how to make the divine revelations in this epistle a daily reality.
  • BIBT451 DEVELOPING SOUND HERMENEUTICS by Ian Bond.  This course introduces students to the principles of biblical interpretation. Emphasis is placed upon the accurate interpretation of types, allegories, prophecy and parables contained in Scripture.
  • BIPT350 COURAGE TO LEAD by Morris Sheats. This is a course on the principles of Kingdom leadership. Attention is given to the development of leaders in the local church.
  • BIBT430 THEOLOGY OF LOVE by David Alsobrooke.  The purpose of this course is to teach believers the importance of loving each other and mankind in general. The student will study love from a theological basis, discovering what love is and how to demonstrate it.
  • BIHT900 GRAECO-ROMAN BACKROUND OF THE NEW TESTAMENT by Ronald E. Cottle.  This course is a study of the background of the New Testament in the light of Graeco-Roman cultural, historical and archaeological data. Emphasis is placed on non-biblical history, religion and the judicial system of Rome.
  •  BIPT403 THEOLOGY OF RELATIONSHIPS by Gary Stewart. This course teaches students how to be effective in a sin-infected world. Many do not possess the ability to build quality relationships in the home, church and market place. Biblical truths and practical lessons for building quality relationships are presented.